Welcome To The 80’s – from the girl never who left them.

If you’re here, then there’s a good chance you’ll already know me. If not, then: My name is Louisa, I am 42 next week and frankly, rather dazed about it. I grew up happily in the 80’s, without a care in the world. Despite being born with a mild form of Cerebral Palsy, that required me to have a wheelchair and walking frame.

I did all the same stuff as my friends, everything from rounders to running the world. Maybe that is why I love the 80’s so much.Back then,  I had no negative awareness regarding my disability. There were only a few times (that I can remember) when being disabled made me feel bad. There was the time I wasn’t allowed to go on any brownie field trips, the time I couldn’t go in the school playground (in case I got knocked over) and of course, the times I missed school to go to hospital or physio therapy.

Apart from these minor things, I was blissfully happy. I loved nearly everything about growing up in the 80’s: Music, Clothes,Toys, Computers, Teletext and TV. Most of all though, I loved Christmas time!

So, I made this site to reminise about the past. While sharing a more grown up perspective on my memories,  and how they shaped the woman I have become. I hope you will enjoy my thoughts and reviews! Of course, I’ll also be sharing my daily life as well. Expect random thoughts and insights about life in 2017.

Thanks for dropping by,
Louisa xxx

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