So now I’m 42.. and I want my toys! Plus, what foods should I taste test?

My birthday was on the 7th. it was pleasant but uneventful,with most of it spent going through old photos (I’ll publish SOME of them in a seperate blog post, my Dad has been scanning thousands of pics, from various family sources) I’m already very focused on the 80’s as it is (you don’t say!) Looking at photos of myself as a child, reminded me of all the more elusive toys I had as a kid. That have since proved a pig to track down.

My dears,  I refuse to be beaten in my quest. It’s my personal challenge, to replace as many of them as possible! – This year. My plan is, to buy each one under a veil of secrecy. THEN write a post about my memories of each toy. Along with, any magazine/comic and TV ads I can find, for the toy in question. A real trip down memory lane, if you will.

I’ll also be posting a more an in-depth review of the actual item I purchased,  in the Random Retro Reviews blog. This will hopefully serve, as a (basic) guide for other retro collectors. Detailing: Price, Condtion and Seller experience. With photos of the item and perhaps even video. I begin my search soon, so watch this space!

Before all that, I’m going to be testing retro/foreign snacks, sweets and drinks. What would you like me to taste test first?  Comment me!

Have a great day darlings,  and never forget where it all began!



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